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Mount Pulag via Ambangeg Trail

Mount Pulag is a dream climb for me. I am lucky to have a chance to climb and see the famed Mount Pulag. This is my 4th climb. I feel uneasy about it. Though we were going on the easy trail via Ambangeg still it can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, Mount Pulag is on my bucket list. No plan on backing down from this.

Mount Pulag


Mt. Pulag having 2922 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Luzon and the 3rd highest mountain in the country. There are 3 major trails to the summit namely:  Ambangeg (ideal for beginners), Akiki and Ambaguio trail.


•Sleeping bag and Sleeping mat
•Water bottle
•Headlight or Flashlight
•Gloves, Scarf, bonnets (Yes! I’m serious with this! It’s really chilly up in the summit)
•Rainproof jacket and pants
•Rain gear
•Hiking Shoes
•Plastic (Leave no trace! Please don’t throw any of these away in the mountain)
•Eating utensils
•Tent (you have the option to stay in the homestay)

And now the actual experience started. We are not aware that no camping is allowed in camp 2 & 3 on holidays, and because we planned to visit on holiday we just set up our tent near the ranger station. Do not forget to secure your fit to climb certificate as rules are being followed strictly.  But if you have enough patience to fall in line and wait, then you can get your medical certificate on accredited clinics in the vicinity of P100 only. Budget wise isn’t it!

After securing your fit to climb certificate go back to DENR to register, pay the necessary fees and attend the 20 mins orientation. And now you are settled for everything.

DENR to Ranger station will take you approximately 40 mins. Upon reaching Ranger station that’s the time they will assign your tour guide. Your guide will be happy to lend their hands in assisting you to set your tents. It is just a small community with very nice residence.

Our guide advises us that he will be picking us around 1:30 in the morning for our sunrise watching at the summit. Early call time is freezing cold.

After a 4 hour trek, we arrived at the summit around 5:22 in the morning. And wow, just wow! Perfect view! Everyone is excited about sunrise.

Sharing some cool photos below!

Mount Pulag
Mount PulagMount Pulag

Mount Pulag

Mount PulagMount Pulag
Mount Pulag
Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag

After an hour, we decided to descend. And yes, trekking down is easier. Hooray! By the way, you have the option to ride the “habal habal” or motorcycle to go back to your camping site or Ranger Station it would cost you P100 per person. Based on my opinion its not worth it, coz it is already near the Ranger Station. A 20 minutes walk would be fine to finish it up.

Mount Pulag

FEES: (DIY Expenses to Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg Trail From Baguio City)

Entrance fee P175/head
Camping fee P50/head
LGU fee P150/head
Guide fee P600/1:5 & P120 5person or more


Strictly implemented! No medical certificate no climb policy
Call the reservation hotline ahead of time.
Please note they only allow a maximum of 500 hikers a day to climb Mt. Pulag.
Locals said it rain unpredictably if visitors of the mountain are noisy.

Ride a bus going Baguio City from Manila
From Baguio hire a monster jeep that will take you from Baguio City to DENR office and to Ranger station.

But if you are solo traveler I would suggest to avail all in package from Wikreate Travel and Tours


For an emergency:                                                   For reservation:
PASU – 09182960274                                             Daisy – 09103010423
Oliver – 09489510460                                            Ray – 09291668864
Larry – 09197632052                                              Marah – 09071002626

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful creation! Mount Pulag is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Philippines, plus the view that you can ever experience.

Have you ever climbed a mountain before? Would you want to try climbing up Mt. Pulag?

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    Your pictures make the place looks captivating. The view of sunset is mesmerizing.

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