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What to pack for rainy season

Packing for rainy season is not alarming as anyone might think.

I am writing this for you not to stop your travel plans during rainy season. Because, there’s never a perfect time to go. If you are thinking to skip places because of the wet season, then you are going to miss most of your Southeast Asia. What’s important is to be prepared for the weather and you’ll be able to rock like a local. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Good quality poncho
    I love this idea! Not only it is waterproof, it’s also windproof. It’s lightweight and durable. In terms of protecting yourself from the rain there are number of options, but poncho is my top list.rainy season
  • Suitable footwear
    Leave the good stuff behind. Rainy season means mud, dirt and other stuff. Your shoes might get trashed. Don’t packed white shoes.
    rainy season
  • Dry bags for your electronics
    If you get into the habit of just packing your electronics in any way, this is not advisable during rainy season. Your clothes will dry out, but your gadget won’t. So it is very important to choose the perfect dry bag, some don’t respond well to constant rain and the items inside can be affected.

rainy season

  • Quick dry clothes 
    If you are planning on doing any kind of activity while travelling in the wet season a good quality quick dry clothes is a must. They are design definitely for the job of quick dry, and feel comfortable enough to wear when wet.rainy season

    Rain can make travel messy, but to some it is romantic. So if your thinking not to travel during wet season, please don’t. Take our piece of advice, pack the right way. It’s all part of the excitement of travel.

    What are your tips on what to pack during rainy season? Comment below.

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  1. Reply

    Great read for gloomy weather!

  2. Reply

    Hey that’s a great article! Now I know how to rock like a local😉

  3. Reply

    I’ve been so unlucky with the weather this year! Whenever I went on a trip it was always raining! This is such a useful article! I’ll make sure not to get wet when travelling 🙂

      • Jo
      • August 30, 2017

      Hey! I’m glad you quoted this article as useful. Hope you never stop traveling during rainy season 🙂

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