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Why travel during rainy season

Why should we travel during rainy season

I understand how does it feel living in Southeast Asia. That when it rains it pours. Literally! Every year it does. Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with it. We learnt not to worry about something we couldn’t control. There are numerous benefits to travel in rainy season. We listed some great ideas on why we should travel during rainy season.

  • Less people

    Southeast seems to be one of the favorite destination with each passing days. Especially in my country, the Philippines have lean season during the of month of June to October. Lean season means you’ll have more time and space to explore the place. Imagine visiting crowded place and you have to wait for your queue to take that nice photo shot, what about finding the hotel you wanted to stay is fully booked. Does it mean you shouldn’t visit? But seriously speaking, consider going on lean season when less tourist means more space and time to have without a crowd.

why travel during rainy season

  • It’s way cheaper

    Another truth! Hotel, airfare and activities do really drop off during rainy season. Which means better rates across the board. If you’re traveling on a budget you can guarantee you’ll save more. After all, there are less people around and business is generally slow.

why travel during rainy season

  • Smaller tour groups

    Sure thing that tour operators in the region will have smaller group numbers on their tours. Why not take this advantage, you’ll probably find yourself having much personal experience thank if you traveled during the peak time. Guides usually find it easier to accommodate smaller groups.why travel during rainy season

  • It’s not about the rain

    It is called the wet season for a reason and it is guaranteed to rain at some point. But the rain is usually not a constant event. Relax and take it easy for a little while. When things dry up and the sun comes back out you can carry on with your day.
    why travel during rainy season
    See, now you really want to travel during rainy season. Aren’t you?
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  1. Reply

    Rain never stopped me from travelling 🙂 all these things are totally true! Great post

  2. Reply

    No going out for me in the rains

  3. Reply

    Hi, I love your positive spin on travelling in the rainy season. Saving money and lesss people are all good.

  4. Reply

    How cool… I love rain and like your perspective
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