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5 Travel MISTAKE and how to AVOID them

Travel mistakes are part of life and they happen during travel, too. However, our “mistake” really was just a poor choice and totally preventable.

Regardless if you’re a first time traveler or you travel several times. We all make inaccuracy when it comes to travel planning. But good thing there is always a room for improvement. With careful planning, I bet you can spend your time enjoying your vacation.

1. Overpacking

I, myself always do this mistake. Ladies are fun of changing outfit from day-to-day. Sometimes we will be gone for 3 days but our baggage is good for 8 days. Ideally speaking what o take and what to leave behind is a nightmare, its stressful simplifying your stuff into a single backpack. Believe me you might pack 10 t-shirt but you’ll probably wear 5  lol! But it will be the burden to get stuck with high baggage fees for exceeding the weight limit. as the old saying goes “lay all out your stuff out on a bed and half it”. You wont wear all of them, and you can always buy new stuff along the way.

5 travel mistake

2. Not buying travel insurance

Most travelers spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect getaway, but they overlook the importance of getting a travel insurance. Although travel insurance cannot help people avoid misfortunes during their travels it offers consolation in the form of monetary compensation which can be very useful in certain situation.

5 travel mistake

3. Not sticking to your budget

There are many ways we can make to save money for our travel. And I know most of s are good at it. But the hard part however, is sticking to a budget once you are on the road. We usually spend too much, but it is important to make daily travel budget list. Work out how long you plan to be away and make a budget to get you through the journey.

5 travel mistake

4. Not grabbing local currency at the airport

Get local currency at the airport upon arrival. As soon as you leave the airport, you’ll need local currency to take public transportation. Best advice is to grab a bit of each leg of your trip.

5 travel mistake

5. Showing expensive items

Theft is the last thing you do not want to happen. Dont attract the attention of pickpockets. You don’t have to be wary when travelling, but you need to be aware. Any valuable items should be kept away.

5 travel mistake

  1. Reply

    Great tips, dear!
    I never considered letting my expensive items at home, but you are definitely right, this is a must in our today’s world.
    Thank you so so much for sharing!!!

    • Ella
    • August 3, 2017

    If I could add another one…..Most people report their lost luggage to the lost luggage desk, but miss to report it to their airline. Airlines will usually only compensate for lost luggage if reported within specified timeframe, which can be as little as 24 hours.

      • Jo
      • August 4, 2017

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful thought. Its gonna be useful reminder 🙂

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